Our history

  • school
    Spring 2015

    The project of Walden Medical came about during a meeting between two of the co-founders, Miguel López and Pedro Bermejo. Pedro saw the great clinical potential of non-invasive nerve stimulation therapies for the treatment of neurological pathologies. Miguel, with experience in the neuroscience field and a keen entrepreneur, decides to wager on the idea. 

Seeing the potential of incorporating mobile technologies to the project, Iñaki Larraya later joined the team as a key member to help in Walden Medical's current vision as a technology company.

  • hearing
    April 2016

    After more than a year of research, Walden Medical Neuro Digital Therapies S.L was born with the main headquarters in Asturias, the birthplace of Dr. Severo Ochoa, 1959 Nobel Award on physiology and medicine, with the full support of the Gijón council.

  • school
    June 2016

    Walden Medical obtains its first award by the Gijón council as the best bussiness iniciative.

  • group_work
    July 2016

    Walden Medical established agreements with universities, investigators and clinical professionals with international connections. We have created an advisor committee integrated by Dr. José Antonio Vega (Anatomy Professor at Oviedo University, Spain), Dr. Carmen Sandi (Brain Mind Institute Director, EPFL, Lausana, Switzerland) and Dr. Jaime Chamorro (Head of the Anxiety Unity of the Jiménez Díaz Fundation Hospital, Madrid, Spain)

  • euro_symbol
    October 2016

    The European Commission grants Walden Medical the Excellence Award for the innovation and investigation in the Horizon 2020 program. The award was the result of an exhaustive evaluation of the project by an international team of eHealth independent experts.

  • school
    November 2016

    Walden Medical is rewarded by "RTVE Emprende" program as the Best Innovative Idea. Read News

  • computer
    December 2016

    Walden Medical calls up its first employee to the team, Pelayo Rodríguez, as Software Engineer, helping to improve the company and supplying work to skilled professionals.

  • work
    January 2017

    Walden Medical hire one of its stakeholders, Dr. Jaime Chamorro, who is a Psychiatrist at the Jiménez Díaz Fundation, and Iván de la Calle, CEO of the company BAROCA BIG DATA S.L., experts in data analysis in the health sector. This is part of the strategy of internalizing knowledge, both in the clinical and technological ambit. 

In January of 2017, Enrique Baca MD, Head of the Psychiatry Service of the Jiménez Díaz Fundation, joined the advisory Committee.

  • group_add
    March 2017

    Dr. Iñaki García de Gurtubay joined the team as medical advisor in the advisory committee. Dr. García de Gurtubay is Head of the section of Clinical Neurophysiology and Sleep Unity, Hospital Complex of Navarra. He is also professor in the Master of Biomedical Engineering of the Public University of Navarra, member of the Medical Technologies Evaluation of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) and researcher of Navarrabiomed - Miguel Naval Health Service (SNS). With this incorporation Walden reinforces its capacity of neurophysiological validation of its technology.